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Welcome Back
In my last blog I stated that I would explain wall prep. This the most important step in painting a home in livonia from a livonia painter.
Do you as a Livonia homeowner remember this phrase " What You See Is What You Get"
Well if walls are not prepped properly, the end result will be very poor, and you will see all of the inperfections.

So lets go over preparing & painting a wall properly.

I always look over the walls in a Livonia home closely to see what imperfections I am dealing with, and see how much patching I have to do on walls. As a Livonia painter alot of my work is in the Livonia area, and I see my clients in the grocery store, or resturants, so perfection is a must for me.

Patching walls:

This is a very important process. It can either look great, or you as a Livonia homeowner will always see what is called flashing, and be very dissapointed with the end result of your painting in your Livonia home.

Let me explain the proper way to paitch a wall, and prepare for painting. Applying a wet mixture of drywall patch doesn't seem to hard, but it can be tricky. So apply the 1st coat, and let dry, the apply the second coat. Usually drywall mud will shrink, so a second coat is necassary, and sometimes a 3rd coat is also needed. Lightly sand between coats.

Now here is the part where "What You See Is What You Get" part comes into play. After you have sanded smooth, and have run your hand over to confirm the surface is smooth then apply a primer over the spotted surfaces. I will say 95% of painters stop there, but stopping at that point will create flashing on your finished product which you will see. It so very important to apply a thin coat of finish paint over the primer which gives body to the surface, and then the new finish coats are applied, and "NO Flashing".

Sanding wall:

This is also a very important step. I would say that 99% of all walls that I have looked at have what are called nubs.These are hairs from the roller that have pulled loose an emersed themselves in the paint and look like little nubs, which with many coats of paint become larger, and unsightly.

This is why sanding is very important ( I use an 8in round sander on a paint stick so I can sand all the walls smooth using a 100 or 120 grit sandpaper) I then run my palm over all the surfaces to ensure every wall is smooth.

Eliminating Nubs:

How I do this is take my roller either new or used and wrap blue masking around the roller, and unwrap tape, then I do the same process again, and that way I have gently removed all loose hairs from the roller and the roller is ready to be used. But nothing is 100% and I watch very closely while I roll, and remove any little hairs with my finger.

Applying 1st coat of paint:

I always paint the corners 1st, even ceiling to walls, and walls to walls.(I'll explain at the end the best way to handle different color ceiling & wall to make a perfect straight line.)

Applying 1st coat of paint: can make or break a beautiful project if not done right. Never be stingy with the paint. This will cause streaks which will look unsightly. What I do is always pour the paint in a five gallon bucket, and use a screen. I then make sure the roller is saturated with paint. I then dip half the roller in paint, and run up the screen, and apply to wall. I'm able to roll twice with the roller, before dipping again ( meaning up & down). I always back roll over the area that I have just painted, meaning as I progress on a wall, I am going forward , and then put additional paint on roller, I backroll over the area that I have already painted which blends the paint together.
I finish the wall with this process so when the paint is dry, it will look even.

Well, you have your 1st coat of paint on your walls, which is good.

I let this dry, and I then resand the walls completely!. I want your walls to be very smooth when I'm painting your Livonia home, and I'm very sure that you also want the same.

I then totally inspect every surface to make sure that I haven't missed anything, and run my palms over the surface to ensure they are smooth. If any surfaces are a little rough, I will resand, and apply another coat of paint to give you perfection.

Let's talk about accent walls, or different color ceilings:

I can paint a straight edge better then 98% of all painters, but I use a slower, but much better way which no painter can equal painting by hand.
Lets say I painting a wall with an accent color. I always apply blue tape in the corner,and ceiling, I then gently push tight the edge of tape against the corner.
My trick is that I then take the wall color paint, and apply some on the edge. That way if the paint gets under the tape, it is the color of the wall, and looks great. I the brush the corners & ceiling with the accent color, and roll my 2 coats of paint onto this wall.
I gently pull off the tape after 30 minutes, and you will have the straightest line between colors.

Ok now you should be able to make your home look great.

If your want me to give you an estimate you can call me at 734-330-5457.

Many people have asked me why I do handyman work also when I am a terrific painter. My answer to them is that I love doing all types of work in their homes, and I love to be known as the person that can take care of all the problems.

I have built hundreds of new homes, remodeled kitchens, baths, installed ceramic, installed light fixtures, tiolets, sinks, garbage disposals, and fire restoration.

I really love working with my hands, and using the knowledge that I have to give every Livonia, Novi, farmington Hills, Farmington, Plymouth, Detroit, bloomfield homeowners the best work,and I love when a homeowner says thank you, which I always say thank you for letting me come into your home.

Next week I'l discuss how to install crown molding in an area where homeowner have uplift on the drywall ceilings, which tears the drywall tape, and is very unsightly.

Take care & have a beautiful week
Raymond Monczka
Posted by: Raymond Monczka on April 04, 2012, 01:04 pm
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