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Mixing color Nov 04, 2015 Eric asks: We have to have 2 squares of aluminum siding replaced and some custom trim work done around a window as water is coming in above the window. Is it is possible to mix a paint color to match the
It would be good to remove a piece of siding and take to a Sherwin Williams paint store to have color matched. They will match paint to sample that you brought in This will match closer then giving them the color number of the paint. The paint will be matched to what the color presently is. It is always tough to get a perfect match on old paint, but this way should give much better results
Painting Ceramic Floors Oct 11, 2015 Amy asks: Do you paint ceramic tile floors?
Sorry I do not paint ceramic floors. I feel it will not hold up.
Sep 29, 2015 Bob Pinckney asks: I have Merilat cabinets that have wood fronts and looks like laminate on the sides maybe? My wife would like them in white or off white and knobs/handles applied. Around 20 cabinets and maybe 10 drawers. I am hoping you can help me with this instead of refacing or replacing my cabinets? Thanks!
Yes I can help you. We use a special adhesive primer after a light sanding. We actually apply two coats of adhesive primer prior to applying finish coat. If you'd cabinets have a laminate the primer will bond very well to that surface. Hopefully this answers your question. My price will be much less then refacing. Give me a call at 734 330 5457
cabinet painting May 27, 2014 Debbie A asks: What process do you use to paint kitchen cabinets?
When we paint cabinets, we feel it is very important to give a finished product that will pass the test of time. We use two types of prime to coat cabinets. 1 st is an adhesive primer which ensures any paint put on cabinets is going to stay, not scratch off. Then we apply a 2nd coat of prime to create a surface that is ready for a finish product. I have been told I am overkill in the prime, but I understand paint, which I want to stay on the cabinets. We then apply from 2-3 coats of Sherwin Williams Pro Classic semi gloss to your cabinets. Pro Classic is a hybrid of paint that when cured has a hard finish like oil paint. I go to this extreme to ensure that my finished cabinets will not peel, or scratch. Hopefully I have answered your question Thank you
Painting Kitchen Cabinets Apr 03, 2013 Devin T asks: I would like to paint my kitchen cabinets. What type of paint do you suggest for kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are made of wood and are painted white.
Devin I have seen homeowners do a beautiful job on their kitchen cabinets only to have it peel when scratched with a fingernail or some other way. I have used many times an oil primer which really bonds to old wood after sanding and then holds your new paint to prevent chipping. Sherwin Williams really has some great products for your cabinets, Adhesive primer (like the word means Glue) which is a latex product that will be less smelly and mess. I would then use Sherwin Williams Pro Classic finish which is a tremendous product. It acts like oil, and closes its pores provides a very smooth finish
Basement Painting Apr 01, 2013 Susan Wright asks: My basement floor is painted a light tan but is peeling and chipped in several high traffic spots. I would like to paint this spring and would like to know what is the best way to prepare the floor for painting.
Susan Getting your basement floor ready for painting sometimes is just hard work. I would scrape as much loose paint from floor that you can making sure that what is left is bonding tight to concrete. Feather sand all the edges where paint has peeled to help stop future peeling. I would then lookat a Sherwin Williams commerical product call Tred Plex. This product is a water borne latex for concrete which you will be very happy with the results.
Painting condo Mar 13, 2013 Karly asks: Should I use enamel/oil based or laquer type paint to repaint the drywall in my condo. It's been painted once when new 7 years ago.
Karly I would use neither. It is much better to use a Latex paint on drywall. Todays products that are on the market place are very good. I would use a Sherwin Williams Pro Mar 200 or better following my instructions on my journal. I know it will come out great. Ray
Vinyl Siding Feb 04, 2013 Bill R asks: I've heard it's possible to paint vinyl siding. Is there a certain type of paint you can recommend?
Bill Painting vinyl can be a way to give a new look to your home. Remember that vinyl siding expands and contracts in the heat and cool of summer and even winter for that matter, so it is important to use a product that is heavy in vinyl acrylic properites in the paint, which also allows for expansion I would use a Sherwin Williams Super Paint or better for your siding. Remember the most important process in painting your siding is pressure washing. Getting the dirt & grime, and chalk residue from the siding to allow proper bonding for the new painting.
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